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Whether you’re interested in marketing/sales, investor relations, internal communications or training and communication our dedicated team work with you to ensure that your event is a success.

Create powerful, engaging and interactive events that deliver.

Investor Relations – for a professional event

Arkadin deliver a professional service for your Investor Relations calls and is used by 20% of Fortune 500 Companies.

We provide you with a highly refined IR event handling process incorporating the best in project management and collaboration technology.

Virtual events services provided by Arkadin for Investor Relations purposes give you an easy to use, fully controlled tool.

Analysts can join easily – with just one phone call or click on the provided URL. The Q&A flow is controlled, with the ability to limit the number of questions per analyst, favoured analysts can be pushed to the front of the Q&A queue and all questions via chat can be filtered. With the whole Q&A process handled by an Arkadin operator via a separate chat/comms line.

After your event, we provide you with complete post-event reporting and a list of all participants.

Key benefits of Arkadin event for Investor Relations

  • Participants can join with just one call or click
  • The Q&A flow is completely controlled
  • Questions asked via chat can be filtered
  • Complete post-event reporting
  • Full list of participants provided post-event

We deliver for Investor Relations

We are used and trusted by some of the world’s leading companies.

Used by 20% of Fortune 500 companies
We deliver Investor Relations calls for 25% of Nikkei listed companies
We deliver over 5000 Investor Relations calls per year

“Arkadin helps the Investor Relations unit to reach our shareholders and stakeholders at the same time, at the lowest cost and to the largest audience. It allows access to all our shareholders and stakeholders at the same time using only one access number with video or without video. I would highly recommend Arkadin services to all companies because of its quality, diversity and cost effectiveness.”
Beste Tasar, IR Director, Pegasus Airlines