Make your virtual events a reality

Whether you’re interested in marketing/sales, investor relations, internal communications or training and communication our dedicated team work with you to ensure that your event is a success.

Create powerful, engaging and interactive events that deliver.

Training and Education – easily accessible and engaging

We know that you want your employee training and education to be as accessible and engaging as possible.

With Arkadin Event you can make that a reality and create a library of on-demand content, accessible 24/7.

Successful employee training is key to any business, but communicating your message to your workers around the world and ensuring that they are engaging with it can be problematic.

The solution lies with Arkadin Event for training and continuing education. We work with you to provide an economical solution of web based content, available across the globe and accessible 24/7 through one, central repository for all events in your series. What’s more you get on online library of content that can be integrated into your LMS and is SCORM compliant.

The content is accessible on all devices, with no downloads or plug-ins required and our in-built tools enable you to track attendance, engagement and attainment, helping you to ensure that your employees are truly understanding your teachings.


Key benefits of Arkadin event for training and education

  • Available across the globe
  • Economical solution
  • Accessible on all devices, including mobile
  • On demand access 24/7
  • One central content repository
  • Ability to track attendance, engagement, attainment and deliver certification

We deliver for training and education

We help you make the most of your people

88% of HR and training professionals say a combination of virtual, mobile and in-person training is the most effective way to learn.
69% of HR and training professionals believe mobile training is beneficial
47% say that more than a quarter of employees use a mobile device for training.

“For a limited cost we can reach an enormous number of people, regardless of where they live…Arkadin had the full range of webcast technologies and a proven service and support organization. They checked all of the boxes.”

Farah Esmail, Program Manager, Programs, Services & Product Development, Canadian Diabetes Association